Anil founded & co-founded several startups in the Healthcare IT space – abject failure, IPO, bought one, sold two, private, and public (IPO + sale of Sequoia for $184M and Dakota acquired for $40M). Anil recently returned from living off-the-grid, to Palo Alto, to fast-track his 4th venture, a "not just for profit" Rx Obesity biotech. Plus his 5th startup, Healthcare's APP Store.

Sethi is a product strategy guy. A geek and nerd, foremost a roll-your-sleaves-up tech strategist, Anil bet his companies early on Microsoft NT, then the nascent Web, and in 1994 helped birth the internet RFC for XML, all the while bootstrapping topline CAGR of 90% during the first 6 years.

Over 20 years, he's vetted deals for NEA, Baker, Anthem, Mid-Atlantic Ventures and others, done PE/VC and due-diligence around M&A deals in defense electronics, but mostly Personal Health Records (PHRs). He mentors at StartX Med (Stanford's startup Accelerator), taught an Entrepreneurship workshop at the American Embassy School in India, plus Stanford's Biodesign program in mobileHealth.

In past, Sethi was CEO/CTO of Xlipstream, developing “Healthcare’s Cable-Modem,” a plug-and-play appliance, exporting to PHRs. Sethi previously founded Sequoia Software (Nasdaq: SQSW), shepherding Sequoia through A/B/C venture rounds ($45M). In 2000, Sequoia completed a $40M IPO, and in 2001 Citrix Systems (Nasdaq: CTXS) acquired SQSW ($184M). In 2004, WebMD (NASDAQ: WBMD) acquired Dakota Imaging for it's US healthcare claims processing business, for $40M.

Sethi’s technical achievements include organizing "Operation Jumpstart" (a.k.a. Kona), resulting in HL7’s CDA/CCR, ONC/CMS standard for XML-based interchange. Founding member of HL7's XML Special Interest Group + ASTM E31.25 Committee on XML for Healthcare. Sethi holds a patent for XML indexing. He was the PI on a $2M XML-based NIST grant for a “Master Patient Index for Massively Distributed Records Across a U.S. National Backbone.