Beom Jae Lee was a director of portal development team at NEXON, and headed the development of NEXON's online game service platform ''. He also co-produced NEXON's Social Network Game "NEXON STAR", which was targeted mainly for users of ''. After that, Beom Jae focused on the possibility of the development of web-based games targeted for Facebook's social platform. This eventually led him to be one of the founding members of "Studio EX", which is a mobile development studio established in 2009. Studio EX was acquired by Walt Disney Media Interactive in 2012, so it now focuses on developing various Facebook and mobile games using Disney IPs. Before NEXON, He was one of the pioneers in creating the freemium model in internet business and led the UX team at NEOWIZ's Sayclub team in 2000.

Beom Jae designed the world's first freemium business model. He implemented this model using the 'Avatar System', which eventually became a successful monetization strategy for internet service. After moving to NEXON, he also applied this business model to 'Quiz Quiz', a game serviced by NEXON. This new monetization model eventually acted as the foundation for the development of 'Free to Play' game model.

Beom Jae Lee earned his BA in Industrial Design and a Graduate Degree in Visual Communication at Seoul National University.