Masahiko Honma is co-founder and general partner of Incubate Fund, the largest seed stage investment group in Japan, with the focus of investing into mobile, gaming, and internet media startups in Japan. The total asset under management of this fund is 100M USD. Masahiko made good track records of creating and supporting mobile gaming startups including Pokelabo and Gumi. Now both of them have grown to the size company with 350 and 600 employees respectively from 2 to 3 people's teams when Masahiko joined in, as the first outside investor in 2008. Pokelabo which Masahiko co-founded and took the first CEO role of was successfully acquired by GREE, mobile gaming giant in Japan, with the valuation of over 170M USD in 2012.

Prior to starting Incubate Fund, Masahiko founded and has managed an angel type fund for 5 years. Masahiko has 15 years working experiences at VC industry, including an investment firm of Mitsubishi Corporation group, Corporate Development and VC division at Tokyo office of Accenture. Masahiko started the first carrier at JAFCO, the largest private equity investment company in Japan in 1998 after Masahiko graduated from the faculty of commerce of Keio University, the oldest private university in Japan.