Byung Joon Choi is the acting CEO of Dialoguespace, a development studio that focuses on high capacity load balancing. Dialoguespace works jointly with Korea’s leading telecommunications company, KT, to bring VoIP services and communication tools to businesses. Using the network backbone of KT, they provide ARS/FAX systems based on VoIP and SMS/LMS/MMS services. Dialoguespace’s client list includes KB Bank, Shinhan Card, Hana Card, Shinhan Bank, and other entities in the financial sector. Dialoguespace has been offering customer’s high-capacity messaging services to over 150,000 corporate and individual businesses.

Previously, Byung Joon Choi led as the Director of Development for a Soribada, a P2P music sharing service. He developed a music filtering system using Audio Finger Printing and has linked the sources of major record labels such as Sony BMG, Universal, EMI, Warner, and more. Soribada has been hailed as Korea’s own music sharing Napster and has been listed on the KOSDAQ in 2006.

Byung Joon Choi received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Aerospace from Seoul National University and went on to get his eBusiness Master’s from Aju University.