Michael Cho has mentored more than 1,500 startups through “A venture” and other capitalist meetings for six years as a professional angel investor. It is well known that he not only actively invested in startups but also provided them with business advice.

As a founding member of KPMG Korea, Michael has played a key role over the past 22 years in developing KPMG Korea into Korea’s top M&A house by working on various business consultations and marketing. While serving as the head of the Korea division at KPMG China,he expanded the company’s influence into China, focusing on the healthcare sector.

Later, Cho served as the outside director and chairman of the audit committee at Kakao Corp., the outside director at Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical Co., LTD, the outside director at Pharma Research Products, an auditor at the Korea Association of Game Industry, an auditor at the Korea VR-AR Industry Association, and an auditor at the NCSoft Cultural Foundation.

He also contributed to the promotion of public-private cooperation while serving as an advisor at the Innovative Growth Division of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and an advisor at the New Business Support/Fostering Council of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Based on this wealth of experience and expertise spanning both large companies and start-ups, he is currently serving as the president of Bespin Global Korea, a provider of managed cloud services. By focusing on sales and marketing, he strives to establish a virtuous cycle business structure which ultimately leads to increased service and software sales, to discover additional business opportunities and revenue models, and to improve Bespin as a B2B IT platform.

Michael received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an MBA from Seoul National University and completed the SEIT program at Stanford University and the INSEAD Singapore Chairman 25 program.