SparkLabs Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Program

For 16 weeks accelerator program for seed to early-stage startups that have the potential to expand globally. The program is offered twice a year and has so far operated 20 batches.

The application for the 22th batch program is currently closed.

For more information about our program and the application process, please refer to our FAQ page. for any other inquiries.

SparkLabs’ mission is to help our startups succeed globally, more specifically to secure the next round of funding. We help startups attract not only Korean investors, but also prominent global investors.

SparkLabs invests up to $100,000 in all startups in exchange for up to 6% equity of each startups. This percentage is negotiable depending on the startup’s size and investment status.

Each startup gets matched with 4 to 6 mentors. We consider our global mentors to be our greatest asset. Our mentors have succeeded in each of their respective industries, such as the Internet of Things, mobile, online games, e-commerce, digital media, hardware, healthcare and the Internet.

We believe that our startups will grow exponentially through weekly sessions with our world-class mentors.

Every week, startups participate in our weekly teaching sessions, where they have the opportunity to learn from and network with renowned Korean and international entrepreneurs. In addition during Office Hours, startups can seek intensive feedback from SparkLabs’ General Partners.

Demo Day highlights the end of our accelerator program. At this event, startups have the opportunity to pitch to eminent global investors.

Additionally, startups can gain much needed exposure and promote themselves in front of the media and influential figures from the industry.

SparkLabs provides free office space in MARU180, the center of Korea’s startup scene, and over $900,000 worth of perks, ranging from cloud services, legal counsel and SendGrid. In addition, SparkLabs is the first Korean member of Global Accelerator Network (GAN), which means that our startups can also get GAN’s diverse perks.




Provider Description Approx. Value

SparkLabs provides seed funding

SparkLabs provides a up to $100,000 seed capital investment in return for small equity stake (up to 6%)
Provider Description Approx. Value

Discounted legal consultation from the one of the top law offices in Korea

Sehan LLC offers SparkLabs companies weekly office-hour visits (free-of-charge basis) on Friday on a prior appointment basis. In case any SparkLabs company requires any continuing legal consultation or documentation work, then Sehan LLC will offer discounts or a deferred plan.

Receive legal advice from one of the top law offices in Silicon Valley

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati provides a five thousand dollar ($5,000) (excluding costs) fee deferral to SparkLabs companies for a period of 12 months, or until the company has completed its first financing.

The largest and the best IP law firm in Korea offers regular consultation and discount benefit.

Y.P.LEE, MOCK & PARTNERS provides SparkLabs companies with regular consultation and bi-weekly appointment-based consultation during office hours through e-mail or over the phone. SparkLabs companies can enjoy the complimentary consultation and support from Y.P.LEE, MOCK & PARTNERS. In case any of them requires any continuing legal consultation such as patent application, business valuation, examination of patent infringement, Y.P.LEE, MOCK & PARTNERS will offer special discount.

Free on-line consultation and special discount programs from Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers Startups Support Center

Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers, the leading accounting firm in Korea operates Startups Support Center to provide services that start-up companies need in order to achieve sustainable growth. We provide free on-line consultation through the Startups Support Center website and provide on-site counselling, education, and mentoring as needed. We also provide professional services including accounting, tax, M&A and investment attraction, overseas expansion and overseas IPO services at special discounted price.

Global Big4 accounting firm offers regular counseling and discount benefit

Samjong KPMG offers consultation through email and office-hour visits when needed. Below are the types of service they provide.
consultation on accounting / tax / finance, consultation on overseas expansion (foreign branch establishment, investment attraction, new market opening), connection and partnership with major corporations, Companies selected by SparkLabs are granted all sorts of consultation and assistance for free. In case they require any further consultation like physical inspection, business valuation, foreign branch establishment, M&A, etc., Samjong KPMG will offer additional discounts.
Provider Description Approx. Value

Akamai’s Web Performance Solution for free for 1 year

As the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Akamai makes the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers. The company’s advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security and media delivery solutions are revolutionizing how businesses optimize consumer, enterprise and entertainment experiences for any device, anywhere.
Akamai provides fixed amount of traffic per month on the Akamai platform for free for 1 year and free integration and service support for a fixed number of hours.

UserHabit provides Mobile Analytics for Behavioral Insight of UX.

Companies selected by SparkLabs are granted for a month-long access to Userhabit for an in-depth analysis of its registered users; performance assessment and insight gained by UX (user experience) both come as free of charge. Userhabit

AWS Active’s credits and support for 2 years

AWS provides certain amount of credits that are good for 2 years, free business level AWS support for a year, $600worth credits for AWS Technical Essentials Web-based Training, 80credits for melody type practise program, and 1on1 session with Solution Architects of AWS

Free IaaS Cloud server for 12months

Hostway will offer SparkLabs companies IaaS Cloud Server “FlexCloud” free for 12 months (original price $1,500/monthly)

Access to affordable design and creative services.

123RF offers $50 worth of credits to spend on stock images and other content within their library with 50m+ content.
StockUnlimited provides $60 value in 3-month access to over 600,000 premium vectors & images which are solely exclusive to them. offers $200 worth of free logo design service and $50 worth of D-Credits which can be spent on templates, logos, corporate identity packs, social media banners, infographics, fonts and other design-related services.

Free software services for 3 years

Microsoft BizSpark is the global program that provides and supports startups with software services for 3 years, which is worth $6,500/year, to increase the chance of successful business.
On a selective basis, some startups may receive additional discounts and technical consulting/training for Windows Azure Cloud.

Minimum $2,000 benefit for Oracle Cloud Apps

Minimum $2,000 yearly discount for Oracle Coud Applications (including sales, marketing, HR, ERP solutions).
Also, can provide consulting for business solutions and share global cases to startups.

Get access to world-class fonts for free

Sandoll will provide SparkLabs startups with over $30,000 worth of font services through Sandoll Cloud.

100,000 email credits per month for free for 6 months

SendGrid , a cloud email Infrastructure Service, lets developers focus on building core product and not worry about email systems. SparkLabs companies get 100,000 email credits per month for free for 6 months

3 months free of TMC with limited support

TUNE provides three months of complimentary access to its full suite of mobile measurement and analytics tools to SparkLabs companies.

Monitoring Service Credit worth $8,500 for 1 year

WhaTap’s monitoring service predicts and finds IT service errors, helping to provide smooth service for users.
Whatap provides $8,500 worth credit to use for 1 year.


A discount of $87 per month for 12 months - a total value of over $1000.

This is the equivalent of FREE access to Zendesk Regular for 12 months, for up to 3 agents.


5% Discount Promotion for 1 year

AppDoctor is unique professional IT Company that provides services of fixing and upgrading Android, iOS and Hybrid applications that are developed by others Having trouble finding developers when you need to modify simple functions, fix errors and change designs on your app? Solve your troublesome matters with AppDoctor.
Provider Description Approx. Value

Access to over $837,463 in free perks for various services

F6S is the largest site for startups, entrepreneurial programs and companies that help startups grow. Through F6S, our companies will receive over $837,463 in free perks.

Access to over $100,000 in free perks for various services

As part of the Global Accelerator Network, SparkLabs’ companies will have access to over $100,000 in free perks. Such as $60,000 in Microsoft Azure Credits, $10,000 in PayPal Transaction Credits, $5,000 in Public Relations Support from the Metzger PR Firm etc., $3,000 in Human Resources Support from Premier Employer Services.
Provider Description Approx. Value

Fasttrack consideration in the application process and discounts once accepted

DEMO is the long-standing Silicon Valley launch event. Companies such as Palm, E*Trade, Salesforce, Webex, Tivo ,VMware and Fusion-io and others have launched their products at DEMO and helped them to secure venture funding, establish critical business relationships, and influence early adopters. All SparkLabs companies will be given fasttrack consideration in the application process for the two events held in the U.S. and provided a discount if they are accepted.

Fasttrack consideration in the application process and discounts once accepted

For DEMO China, all SparkLabs companies will be given fasttrack consideration in the application process for their events held in China and provided a discount if they are accepted.

Guaranteed slot in top 30 in Global Mobile Internet Conference

The Global Mobile Internet Conference is the premier event for mobile companies worldwide. All SparkLabs companies will be given fasttrack consideration in the application process and a guaranteed slot in the top 30 for startups. (The top 20 startups will get a free mini booth and 2 Main Stage passes each.)
Provider Description Approx. Value

Free office space in Bundang during the program

Hostway offers an office space in Hostway IDC building located in Bundang over three months. Office space includes two desks/chairs, internet connection, phone, web fax, conference room, copy machine and a parking lot.

Free office space during the program

SparkLabs provides a free co-working space for up to five people per selected startup during the accelerator program
Provider Description Approx. Value

Discounts on various concerts, musicals, plays and music festivals

SparkLabs As a part of the SparkLabs Community Welfare Program, Clipservice provides discounts on various concerts, musicals, plays and music festivals.


Applications will be accepted twice a year, once in the beginning and once towards the latter half of the year.

The application forms for the first cycle will be online in mid-September; the batch selection process will end by December, and the demo day will happen in late April.

The application forms for the second cycle will be online in mid-March; the batch selection process will end by June, and the demo day will happen in late October.

We are "sector-agnostic" in terms of our startup selection; it could range from the Internet, online gaming, mobile, e-commerce, digital media, healthcare, IoT to hardware. Across all industries and geographic markets, we've been finding companies that generate, accumulate, and analyze the data valuable in the commercial market. Typically we invest in seed or early-stage companies, but we are open to any innovative company that has exhibited great potential.

We invest up to $100,000 in all of our portfolio companies in exchange for up to 6% equity. In addition to this investment we provide the free office space and an incredible package of perks valued at over $210,000.

First, we look for companies with a high potential for successful global expansion. Second, we look for innovative companies that have disruptive ideas that can effectively change the world as we know it today. Also, as a general policy, we do not accept any one person companies.

Not necessarily. We accept companies that have already received funding and created substantial revenue. Rather, we focus more on how innovative your company is — whether you have demonstrated the potential to grow above and beyond the existing market's product offerings.

Anywhere between 8 to 12 companies

On average, there will be 3-5 mentors per company. We will assign mentors based on your needs and preference. Mentors can also select the startup applicants at their own discretion.

Our Demo Day is unique in that it is not only attended by Korean VCs, but also VCs from all around the globe. Additionally, many influential figures from various industries and the press (e.g. Chan Ho Park, JYP, etc.) will be invited. Our Demo Day is an excellent opportunity for our companies to gain exposure and promote their products.

Our Demo Day is an excellent opportunity for our companies to resolve the three main concerns of any fledgling businesses: IR through gaining public exposure, PR through promoting their products, and HR through establishing quality network with huge interests in our showcased business ideas.

Yes. If your company is chosen to be in our next batch, you will get access to the contact information of our previous portfolio companies. We strongly believe in the benefits of internal communication amongst our portfolio companies, so we highly encourage our alumni network to collaborate with current batch startups.

Absolutely not. We are looking for companies that have the desire and the potential to expand globally--China, Japan, Europe, Oceania, you name it.

No, English proficiency is not a prerequisite condition for our application. However, we do recommend that at least one of your team members is proficient in English (or the language of the target country of business) by the time you launch in the U.S. or the target country.

No, your age does not matter to us. What matters to us is your passion, commitment and execution.

Unfortunately, if your business idea is similar to that of an existing portfolio company, it will be difficult for us to include your company in our batch.

Not necessarily. The corporations, individual business, and aspiring entrepreneurs can all apply to our program. However, the investment process will begin as soon as you enroll at our program, so you should immediately start incorporation once you become part of our batch.

Unfortunately, we only accept companies that we will invest in; it is impossible to only participate in Demo day or networking events without receiving an investment from Sparklabs. If you want to get business advice or general information about the industry, we highly recommend you to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, SparkLabsTV.

SparkLabs selects companies to refer to the TIPS program from our accelerator program or our other portfolio companies which have been vetted through our internal evaluation. However, we do not conduct separate investment screening solely for referral to the TIPS program.

Since TIPS is an R&D project, the key evaluation factor we look for is the technology possessed by the startup. Using the solutions we currently have, SparkLabs aims to solve the problems in the market; thus, we prefer teams willing to discover new problems from their existing customers and resolve these issues through TIPS project development. Therefore, we advise teams without solid business solutions or notable achievements to develop their business plan, and then apply through TIPS application.